Elizabeth Sach MBACP (Accred) Online Relationship Counselling in Harpenden (AL5)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can you see me?

This is open for negotiation. I am available in Harpenden, by phone and online for both daytime and evening sessions. I am quite flexible and I will try to see you as soon as possible at a mutually agreeable time.

2. How much will the sessions cost, when do I pay and will you give me a receipt?

Sessions currently cost £55 for individuals and £65 for couples. You will pay for the first session at the end of that session. If we agree to have further sessions then you will undertake to pay for each session a week in advance. You will therefore pay for two sessions at the next session and thereafter pay weekly in advance. On termination of the service no fee will be payable for the last session. Payment can be made by bank transfer and I will give you a receipt for each payment made.

3. Will I have a contract?

Yes, I will give you two copies of a contract at the end of the first session which you can take home and read. If you are happy to continue with counselling we will both (all) sign them. I will give you a copy and keep one for my own records. This will clarify your rights and the agreement between us.

4. Will the sessions be confidential?

In accordance with the BACP ethical code I offer private and confidential help to my clients. I will not normally give your name or any information from or about you to anyone unless I have reason to believe that someone, especially a child, is at risk of serious harm. In line with good professional practice I will discuss cases with my supervisor but anonymity is assured and you will not be identifiable. All records are anonymised and stored securely. I am the data controller for 'es counselling' and am registered with the ICO (reg. number ZA341935). My privacy statement is available to clients on request.

4. What happens if you or I need to cancel?

I will aim to give you a minimum of 48 hours' notice of the cancellation of an appointment. If I cancel, the fee for that session will be transferred to the next session. If you cancel an appointment, giving at least 48 hours' notice, I will charge a retention fee of £20. If you give less notice, then I will reserve the right to retain the whole fee for the cancelled session. If you decide to terminate the service then I will refund the session fee paid in advance (subject to the 48 hour notice period).

5. How frequent are the sessions and how many will I need?

Most clients have weekly counselling sessions but there is room for some flexibility. It is not easy to predict how many sessions will be needed as each individual / couple is unique. On average my clients typically attend for 10 to 12 sessions, some for fewer and some for much longer. This can be negotiated on an ongoing basis according to your needs.

6. How will I know whether the counselling is working?

We will work together to undertake regular reviews of progress against your original goals. You will then be able to decide what gains have been made and which (if any) further issues you would like to work on.

7. How will I know when it is time to stop the counselling?

As the counselling is open-ended, this will be jointly negotiated as the counselling progresses. The decision will be yours about when you feel confident enough to move forwards on your own. The opportunity will then be offered to return to counselling for further work or review in the future, should you feel a need to do so.

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